Angular and Nest (The perfect Match)

Time:8.30 AM EDT to 12.30 PM EDT

Join this workshop to learn how to create a full stack application using Angular and Nest JS and what are the common concepts that both frameworks share

The Node.js Redis Crash Course

Time:8.30 AM EDT to 12.30 PM EDT

Join Simon Prickett, Senior Curriculum Engineer at Redis Labs for a deep dive into application development and data modeling with Redis, Node.js and the Express framework. In this workshop, you'll follow along as Simon shows how to use the popular Redis data store and cache in a Node.js / Express application. You'll have access to a GitHub repo with sample code and exercises that you can attempt at your own pace. We'll look at how to get up and running with Redis, examine different ways of storing data in Redis then move on to see how that data can be searched and indexed in ways not commonly associated with a key value store. Finally, we'll see how Redis helps us tackle some issues associated with scaling our application - session management, caching and saving memory through the use of a probabilistic data structure. This workshop is accompanied by a complete online course including video and text-based training plus small coding challenges.
Speakers subject to change.