Friends join us on Aug-02-2019 from 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM at Quest Conference Center, 8405 Pulsar Pl, Columbus, OH 43240.

Driving User Enthusiasm with Gamification

Company: Trumble Inc

Getting Dangerous with MongoDB

Company: MongoDB

I Told You to Stand Still ! (Motion Detection Web App with JavaScript)

Company: Quicken Loans

Sextech- A Valid and Important Technical Field

Company: Women In Technology Pittsburgh

TypeScript Features You Can Use Immediately

Company: Leading EDJE

Taming the Front-End - A Guide to Modern Web Development

Company: Bunzl North America

Purposeful Personal Branding

Company: AWH

Test-Driving Agility into Software

Company: TriNet

Strengthening your blocks: A practical guide to UI component testing

Company: IBM

No Panic!: Vue + Auth0 + Deployment

Company: Voicethread

Javascript State - Homogeneity of Web solutions

Company: IBM

5 ways to teach your kids how to program

Curriculum to Command Line: Why Teachers Make Awesome Coders, and What Your Team Can Learn from Them

Company: Centro

An Introduction to WebAssembly

Company: ScriptDrop

Building your First gRPC Service in Node.js

Company: Budget Dumpster LLC

Building your First gRPC Service in Node.js

Building cross-platform browser add-ons using Web Extension API

Company: CoffeeBeans, Mozilla Techspeaker

Create Your Own HTML Tags with Vue and Web Components

Company: Tech Elevator

Automated testing as a strategy for onboarding new developers

Company: Kafei Interactive

I Dont Need No Stinkin Framework - I Dont Need No Stinkin Framework - Mastering Shadow DOM

Company: Andromeda

Querying NoSQL with SQL: HAVING Your JSON Cake and SELECTing it too

Company: Couchbase

TerseScript: JavaScript with 6 characters or less

Company: HMB

Pros and Cons of Using VueJS vs ReactJS

Company: Mile Two LLC

MUD to OOP: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript!

Company: La Vie en Code

async and await with Node and Express

Company: Richardson & Sons, LLC

Test Them JavaScripts

Company: Sparkbox

Using Nuxt to power Raspberry Pi e-ink displays

Company: Kafei Interactive

Building Command-Line Applications with OAuth in Node

Company: PagerDuty

Managing your resource heap - a guide to generations in the workplace

Company: HMB

How to Work the Web with Web Workers

Company: Trezy

Domain Driven Design, Functional Programming, Types and Typescript

Company: Stoplight
Speakers subject to change.