Call for Speakers

Important Info!

All submissions and applicants are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct. Please read this Call for Proposals thoroughly. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Who Should Apply?

You! We welcome speakers of all experience levels and backgrounds. Your technical AND non-technical experience is valuable to the community! There is no limit on the number of proposals you can submit.


Sessions: 50 minutes in length

Workshops: If you are interested in giving a workshop, please contact us directly at

Themes and Levels of Expertise

We are looking for talks at all experience levels.

Technical Skills: Your talk doesn’t have to relate to JavaScript, but it’s more likely to be accepted if it does. That said, use your imagination! We are a diverse group with diverse interests!

Professional/Human Skills: Sometimes called “soft skills,” these talks don’t need to be related to JavaScript at all. We look to these talks to help us become better communicators, contributors, mentors, and general humans.

Rather than specifying themes, we’d like to share what we hope your talk would do for the audience.

Your talk could:

  • Help solve a common challenge or sharpen our skills
  • Alert us to new or neglected challenges
  • Present us with new, important information
  • Make our daily lives easier
  • Help us achieve better work/life balance
  • Encourage or guide new developers
  • Show experienced professionals how to lift up new and aspiring developers
  • Demonstrate something unique or entertaining

Speaker Selection Process

  1. You read through this Call for Proposals (reach out if you need help or have questions!) (required)
  2. You submit a completed application by 04/11/2019 (required)
  3. You submit a completed Community Assistance form by 04/11/2019 (optional, see “Financial Assistance” section)
  4. We send out the first round of speaker acceptance emails by 04/30/2019
  5. We send out the second round of speaker acceptance emails by 05/10/2019
  6. You request feedback on your proposal by 06/05/2019 (optional)
  7. We see you at the conference on 08/02/2019!

Speaker Perks & Accommodations

Speakers will receive a free admission to JS&Friends Conf.

If you have any special needs or circumstances we should know about, please contact us as early as possible, but no later than 04/11/2019! A special need might include (but certainly isn’t limited to) an extra ticket for a spouse or caregiver,wheelchair access, reserved seating, ramps, etc. Please contact us at

Financial Assistance

In order to keep admission prices as low as possible for our first year, we strongly encourage speakers to ask for travel assistance from employers. However, we acknowledge that this often results in a far less diverse group of speakers.

If you will be unable to travel to and attend JS&Friends Conf without financial assistance, please contact

If you or your company would like to sponsor a speaker’s travel, we have a sponsorship level for that! Contact for more info!

New Speakers!

Welcome to speaking! If you are looking for some written guidance, CodeMash offers excellent advice in their Call for Speakers.

We specifically recommend the section entitled “How to write a good submission.”

If you would like a human mentor, we can help connect you with a mentor. Please let us know at